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How To Have The Perfect Top Position

Having the perfect top position isn't as important as other parts of the swing. However there are some definite do's and don'ts when arriving at this position. A poor top position can often lead to reactions in the downswing such as the 'over the top' move or being too 'flat'. It can also cause lack of clubface control.

The top position going right or wrong is largely determined by your first position. Ensure that at the first position of your golf swing when the cub reaches parallel to the ground that your club and the hands are forming a straight line with the 'toe' of the cub pointing to the sky. You should also have turned your hips to around 15-20 degrees.

After the first position all that you should do is turn your body a little more where the left shoulder is under the chin as well the hips have turned 45 degrees. The club should be directed over your right shoulder. The right elbow should be pointed roughly to the ground as well.

A perfect position at the top is where the shaft is pointed parallel to the target with the clubface on the same angle as the left arm. This ensures that you will have less reactions on the downswing and are able to swing the club more on plane with correct clubface rotation.

The biggest area that people fall down is that they turn the clubface too much or don't turn the clubface enough. If the clubface is pointed to the sky at the top of the swing this means it will mostly cause a big 'hook' versus if the clubface points to the ground it will cause a 'slice'

Just remember to turn the clubface so that the 'toe' of the club points to the sky at the first position. When then going up to the top position, the clubface won't rotate anymore. It stays on this angle until it reaches parallel to the ground again on the downswing.

If you'd like any further help on your top position just contact me and we'll book in session.

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