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How To Hit The 'Low Punch Hook'

You have no doubt found yourself in a position when you've been in the trees and needing to hit a low hook shot that advances the ball well up the fairway or even on the green. Hitting these shots are extremely handy as not only does the ball go quite low but will often run out to a considerable distance.

This shot is also often easier than hitting the low slice as with the ball being back in the stance, the path already puts you in a position where you will be more inclined to hit a hook. This is because the path for a hook is an in - out path through the ball. The further the ball is back in the stance, the more it accentuates the in-out path.

Now the first step in playing this shot is choosing which club to use. This will often be determined by how far you're needing to hit the shot as well how low you need to keep the ball. It is recommended to choose a club that is one club lower than what you need to ensure you keep the ball low enough. You also need to remember that when choosing a club, this club will be quite de-lofted at set-up as the ball will be back in the stance.

The last point on choosing the club is just be careful you don't choose a club that's too low lofted. For eg. when playing a 3 iron that will be positioned back in the stance, this 3 iron may turn into nearly a 1 iron as the hands will often be pushed quite a long way ahead. Therefore if it's too low lofted you may not be able to get the ball up in the air effectively.

In terms of set-up just ensure the ball is placed back of centre, Align the feet line with where you want the ball to start (which will be right) and the face toward where you want the ball to finish. To create even more hook spin, I will often rehearse turning the clubface quite left with my hands through impact.

Through impact just make sure the hands stay ahead of the clubface to ensure the ball flight stays quite low. You will find that you will have quite an abbreviated finish with a low shot which is opposite to a high shot which will often finish high over the shoulder.

If you need any further help with these kinds of shots, just contact me for a lesson.

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