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Swinging In Slow Motion Changes The Swing!!

I often have students ask me what the best method is in changing your swing. The answer though is not what they expect the majority of the time. Most students will believe the answer is just to hit loads of balls on the range after the lesson. Hitting balls of course is very important but ensuring you hit them with quality where you will see measurable changes requires a more disciplined approach.

As mentioned before the most important aspect of changing is knowing exactly what it should look and feel like. How it looks is the most important because 'feel and real' can be totally different especially when placed on video. When changing the swing one of the best starting points is practicing in front of the mirror and seeing and feeling the desired change. Fifteen minutes in front of the mirror every two to 3 days along with 3 small buckets a week is ideal.

Now the most vital part of long-lasting change is actually doing swings in slow motion. I first discovered this when I was staying in Japan for a year and spent considerable months at the Driving Range. I always wondered why my practice swing didn't correspond to how it would look on video. At the time I was working on my take-away which was too inside.

I knew it was important to hit balls to make new connections with the mind and body when attempting swing changes, however I realised every time I swung at my normal speed I couldn't put the club in the position I was chasing. It was like my old pattern would just kick in every time I went to hit the ball. To resolve this problem I then set-up a camera on my backswing and monitored my progress.

I then started to swing really slow and tried to ensure my first position was correct each time. The key was I still hit the ball but I didn't care about distance. I started doing this everyday and after 3 months I knew I had changed my take-away. It was like my mind and body had now formed a new connection as even when I swung at my normal speed I would still hit this perfect position.

Therefore when you're out there practicing next time and struggling to adopt a new swing move, try swinging at slow motion and monitor your progress. You will find that your old swing DNA starts to shift to new swing patterns.

If you'd like any further help in changing your swing, book a golf lesson with myself at Emerald Lakes Coaching Centre.

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