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About Me

As a P.G.A Coach, I have specialized in training students of all abilities since 2005.  I focus firstly on ensuring that all my students have sound fundamentals before incorporating any new swing drills.  This is because a lot of bad habits and errant shots are caused before you even take the cub away.  What I do is put you in certain positions as well ensure posture, grip and alignment is sound so that your natural swing will come out.  Great fundamentals actually have a huge influence on your swing and can often correct swing changes immediately by the flow-on effect.

Once your fundamentals are to a certain level, we then dive right in to incorporating swing drills that will enhance your swing.  I will capture your swing on video first and then break down exactly how we move forward step by step.  The art of teaching is not only identifying what is wrong but pinpointing the key area to focus on first that will influence the other major components of the swing.  For example someone who stays on the back foot and 'tops' their shot causing the ball to go left and right can be simply a matter of keeping the head more stable throughout the swing particularly the backswing rather than trying to analyze every single motion.

Put simply my philosophy is 'targeting the area of the swing with the greatest influence'.  Once this area is deciphered, a drill that is understood and can be applied by the student by themselves is then implemented to fix their swing step by step.  

Come and start the ball rolling by booking in your first Golf Lesson at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast.  See you soon!

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