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Recent Events!

David Eagle.jpg

Fantastic Ending!

Awesome last day of the 4 Week Challenge!

We all played ambrose and learnt more about course strategy and reducing scores!

They had a great day combining for several pars and bogeys.  

The biggest takeaway for the students was how to play with their shot shape on the course.  

For those who sliced the ball, I would have them position themselves on the right side of the tee box and aim left.

The next 4 Week Challenge commences Oct 11th!  There are a couple of vacancies still remaining!

Joy Celebrating.jpg

I holed out for Eagle!!

I just played a Members Comp at Surfers Paradise in which I hit an amazing shot!

I had gotten off to an average start of 1 over after 4 holes.

I then played the 5th hole hitting a 3 wood for lay up.  I then had a 147m remaining to the hole into the wind coming from right to left.

I hit a beautiful shot that started right of the green, drawing back landing 10 feet short.

It then to my surprise rolled straight into the cup.

I was very excited and was worth celebrating after the round!


4 wk sep 5.jpg

Amazing Birdie!!

Joy had one of her first ever games at Emerald Lakes Golf Club.

She was quite nervous at the beginning but started to really relax as we progressed through the round.

We focused on going through the same pre-shot routine every shot  which involved having the same set-up and alignment for each shot.

Joy stood up on the 5th hole with water straight in front of us.  Even though nervous she persisted with the pre-shot routine and hit a great shot onto the Par 3 to 15 feet.

She then calmed herself down and made an amazing putt for Birdie!!

Well done Joy! I look forward to seeing you continue to progress with the game as well enjoying all the moments along the way. 

The next Ladies Golf Program is on Oct 8th so come and enjoy a golf lesson at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast.

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