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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with David Waters Golf?

As long as your doctor has not prescribed that you can't participate in learning golf, then anyone can come and learn from myself.  I have students ranging from all ages with different athletic abilities.

If I notice that someone is not able to perform a certain athletic move during their swing, I will check back with them to ensure it is not causing them unnecessary pain as we find an alternate move or drill that can still achieve close to the result.

Will success in golf always be about continuously getting better each practice session?

Success in golf I find is different to other sports.  I can have a student come to me for a lesson and we make huge improvements and thus by the end of the session, the student is hitting the ball extremely well.

This is of course fantastic but I am always quick to remind the student that even though you are going very well right now that there will be lots of up and downs in golf especially when not having lessons and practicing consistently.  It doesn't last forever​.

To get better you must come with the mastery approach which means continually practicing and getting lessons until you become an expert at your own game and not an expert at analyzing quick fix approaches which are often displayed online.

Are getting the right clubs really that important?

This is a question I often get with students debating whether to get new clubs to help their golf game.  Now of course developing your technique is the primary goal of improving your game but clubs also play an integral role in ensuring you are getting the most out of your game.

The most obvious errors in equipment that have a detrimental effect to someone's game is the length of shaft and what kind of shaft they use.  For example If i have a tall person come in for a lesson and they can't help top the ball, the primary reason can be that their clubs are too short.

Also I have had women use their husband's clubs which can have steel and stiff shafts which cause a real struggle to get the ball in the air as well lack any real distance as you need real strength and speed to use these shafts.  The first aspect that I would talk about is moving them into light, graphite shafts to help them generate speed and enough flex to get the ball in the air with more distance.

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