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Chipping Off Tight Lies

This can be one of the most daunting shots for most golfers as it feels there’s little room for error.  However once you understand the correct fundaments in set-up along with the basic technique, you will start to look forward to these shots.  I would also recommend when trying to be more versatile with your chipping, buying thinner wedges with more bounce is ideal.  Typically sets will tend include wedges which are quite big and bulky which make it hard to be versatile when confronting different lies.

The first thing you want to do when confronted with this lie is using a 52-60 degree wedge.  Which wedge will be determined by what height you would like to achieve.  The next step would be to have the ball position in the centre of your stance with your weight around 55-60 % on your front foot.  You also want to have your shoulders quite level.  You want to also push your hands just a little in front of the clubhead at address.

This set-up position gives you every chance of utilising the bounce during impact.  The bounce is simply the angle from the front of the club to the back of the club.  One of the most common errors that people do is put the ball too far back in the stance with the hands too far forward.  This sets you up to be too steep on the ball which doesn’t leave you much room for error. 

Once you have achieved the correct set-up, you then want to practice using the big muscles during the action.  Just think about turning your body back and through whilst leaving 55-60% of weight on the front foot.  The last step is you need to feel as though you’re releasing the club.  This simply means that just after impact, feel as though the butt end of the club points at your left hip.  If you want to further use the bounce it is also recommended to open your face a little at set-up also with the feet further aimed left.

If you would like any further help in chipping off tight lies, just contact myself at David Waters Golf.

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