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Create Power By Correct Arm Connection!!

The key to creating power is through correct arm and body connection. This starts from the moment you take the club back. It is very important that as soon as you take the club back that the arms stay in front of the chest. In order to establish this connection, the swing path needs to be quite neutral as well effectively hinging your wrists and folding the right arm correctly.

Once you initiate the backswing with the clubface movement, the chest should then start turning. The swing path becomes the next crucial factor of keeping your arms in front of your chest. You just need to ensure that when the club reaches parallel to the ground that the hands and clubface point in a straight line. You will see this same takeaway in all elite golfers. Once you have the path neutral and chest moving, you then need to incorporate wrist hinge.

As a general rule, you are trying to keep the same distance from your hands to your body from set-up right up until the first position (parallel to the ground). This will mean that you're hinging your wrists correctly. The last element is how you're folding your right arm on the backswing. Just ensure that when taking the club back, you start to rotate the right bicep. This should start to happen naturally if when at the first position, that the 'toe' of the club points to the sky. The correct rotation of the club should make the right arm rotate correctly.

Also after the first position and reaching the top, ensure the right elbow is pointing more to the ground. You ideally want your arms to look like a triangle at the top of the swing. When done correctly, you will feel some tension between your arms and your chest at the top of the swing. This will enable you to utilise the power between your arms and chest right through impact.

If you'd like any further help in sequencing your arms and body, just contact myself at David Waters Golf located at Emerald Lakes Coaching Centre.

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