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Ensure The Head Angle Stays The Same!

One of the most important parts of creating an efficient golf swing is how to effectively turn and shift your weight on the backswing. One of the reasons why it can be quite challenging at the start is that our bodies can feel tight and connected. This simply means that when we move our bodies on the backswing, everything will seem to move including your left knee, hips and head position.

In regard to the head, the typical position on the backswing is that it tends to move forward (left) and down. This is because that as the left knee and shoulder tend to come back, the head tends to go forward as a way to counterbalance. This invariably causes weight distribution issues as with the head going forward on the backswing, the head tends to come back during the downswing causing 'thin' shots and 'fat' shots.

One of the most common sayings that I will talk about during lessons is learning how to disconnect. This means we need to learn how to move our head separately to our upper half and our upper half to our lower half. This is not natural at the beginning but with practice, you can gain great feel on how to separate your big muscles effectively.

The best way I used to ensure I could separate the muscle groups was practicing swinging in front of the mirror. I would look at the mirror and ensure that my head was not influenced by the movement of the body. More specifically I would ensure the position of my head which is slightly angled toward the ball remained the same from set-up position right up until impact. This ensured my rotation was always consistent and that my weight was moving correctly.

Of course along with the head, I also ensured on the backswing that my clubface moved first followed by the rotation of the body. Once I could see myself replicate this in front of the mirror, I then repeated the process on the range.

If you'd like any further help in learning how to shift your weight properly on the backswing, just book in with myself at David Waters Golf located at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre.

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