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Focusing On Your Swing After Impact Can Solve Problems!!

To fix your golf swing whether it be path, clubface or more body related issues, focusing on your swing after impact can help give you the right feel. There is no accident that the majority of Tour Players are very much the same just before impact right through to the position after impact, also known as the 3 o'clock position or hip height. This is because there is only one way to hit a golf ball properly through impact and thus will often follow the same trend to the position after impact.

The first aspect that I will often talk about with students during a video session when filming from front on is can you see the left hand at hip height after you hit the ball. If you can see the left hand, it will often mean the left arm and hand position hasn't rotated enough through the ball. The ideal position from side-on is for the left hand to disappear so that the club is releasing properly through impact.

The exact position where the body and club should be at the 3 o'clock position is the shaft should be on your heel line with the body pointing at the target with 100% of weight finishing on your front foot. The 'toe' of the club should also be pointing to the sky to ensure the clubface is rotating correctly. If you can move into this position consistently, you would have controlled clubface and path, which makes the ball go straight as well ensured a proper strike as the weight is on the front foot.

Doing this exercise will give you a great understanding on how to fix a slice or a hook. For example if you notice that your upper half is pointing too much to the left at this position as well the 'toe' of the clubface pointing right, you will undoubtedly be experiencing a slice. Just keep practicing hitting this position correctly and you should start seeing that slice disappear.

If you'd like any further help in establishing a consistent swing just contact David Waters Golf and book in a session.

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