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Good Idea To Aim Left For A Slice??

The answer to this question is yes and no. If you are someone who hasn't had time to practice and you are a slicer of the ball and you have a game coming up in the next few days, then aiming left of the target may be your only strategy. However over time if you are someone who has done this, you've realised that the slice becomes even worse and your distance becomes considerably less.

The reason for this as mentioned before, is that a slice is caused by coming from 'outside- in'. Inherently what this means is that the path of your swing is coming across the ball too far to the left. As you can imagine, the more you start aiming left, the more you come 'outside-in' hence making your slice become almost at right angles. With this amount of slice, you also increase the amount of backspin you put on the ball which makes your. distance considerably shorter. It's even worse when there's a left to right wind on the hole.

Now as I mentioned if you dont have lessons and you have a game coming up, this may be your only option to score half decent. But this will really stint your long term golf development and making it very difficult to probably even breaking 100. What you need to do is first book in with a coach who will then have you practice having perfect alignment, set-up and grip. When you first have this ideal alignment, it can feel scary when taking it onto the course for the first time. This is because the alignment will be more to the right which goes against what you've been doing when setting up for your slice.

Once you've practiced set-up, alignment and grip, this may hopefully be all that you need to practice for some time to then hit those powerful straight draws. There may be some slight path work as well that the coach will have you working on that has the club coming more from inside-out to create the proper angle of attack to the ball. Once you have practiced this for a good three to 4 weeks with weekly lessons, you will be amazed how straight your ball flight gets with longer distance. You just need to have courage when out on the golf course when even if you slice, to not revert back to aiming left.

If you have any further questions on how to eliminate a slice just book in for a lesson at David Waters Golf.

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