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Hands In Clubhead Out Is Key

If you’ve ever been to one of my lessons, you will often hear this saying come up ‘Hands In Clubhead Out’.  This is the best way to describe how the club is taken away in the backswing.  This position is quite challenging at the start as it goes against movements that your arms and hands naturally want to do.  Once you can achieve this movement however, you will create the desired path along with the correct wrist action.

Bringing the ‘hands in and clubhead out’ simply means that as soon as you take the clubhead back, the left arm should feel as though it’s sliding across the body (Ensure you keep the distance from the hands to the body still the same).  While you do this though, you need to feel as the club head is staying in front.  To achieve this you need to feel as though there is a little cupping of your left wrist.

The reason why this is so important is that it ensures the arms stay in front of the chest during the takeaway.   When done correctly, you will feel as though the butt end of the club is facing toward the centre of the chest just before the club reaches parallel to the ground.  Colin Morikawa and Max Homa are good examples of Tour Pros keeping the clubhead in front of the hands longer than most as they still have it in front past the parallel position during the takeaway.

On of the most common errors in the takeaway is when the left arm pushes off the body causing the clubhead to come inside.  This can cause a multitude of problems as with the clubhead being behind the body too early, the path can then tend to come over the top to rectify on the downswing resulting in ‘slicing’ and ‘pulling’.

If you have any questions on how to have the perfect takeaway, just contact myself for a session at David Waters Golf.

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