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How Jordan Spieth's Swing Reduces Slicing

Jordan Spieth’s position at the top is one to be admired and is a position that I use when trying to help my students swing on the proper plane when approaching the top of the swing.   I had a gentleman previously trying to fix his slice.  When he was placed on video, I could see the main culprit for this errant shot.  His first position was great with his club head and hands forming a straight line however when the club reached the top of the swing, his hands were very close to his neck. This position is very upright and can cause the downswing to initiate in a very steep angle of attack.  Its important to realise that if you start down steep then you will most likely cause an ‘over the top’ move as you swing through.  An ‘over the top’ move as mentioned before causes slice shots, ‘fat shots’ and high shots. The correct position to reach at the top of the swing is ensuring that the club finishes over the right shoulder.  This will ensure you are on the right plane and in a good position to start down.  You will start generating straighter shots with this improved swing plane as well hitting the ball with the correct trajectory. 

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