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How Moving the Right Knee is Key for Accuracy

The right knee plays a pivotal role for moving the weight on the downswing.  Often times people can have great sequence as they start the downswing however it can often fall short as they approach impact.  The left hip starts the downswing as normal but as you move through the ball, you must use the right knee and inside of the right foot to drive the weight through the ball.  This will ensure that the lower half doesn’t break down and that the upper half doesn’t take over. Often times when I see someone slicing on the driving range, it is almost inevitable that their downswing is dictated by their arms without using their legs.  Once proper examination is done, it is almost a forgone conclusion that the right knee has remained stagnant.  In a nutshell as mentioned in previous reports, the most common reason for a slice is swinging the club with the arms instead of utilising the legs. A great drill to use when trying to utilise the right knee is setting up to the ball with your right toe pointed as much as you can to the target (see picture). You will find that the right heel is in fact above the ground when you do this.  All you need to do then is keep the pressure on the right toe all the way through the swing.  Just try this with a three quarter swing as you will find your swing will be quite restrictive.  Once you try this you will find that you will get the sense of moving the right knee and lower half through the ball.

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