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How to add more birdies to your round

The secret to this all comes down to effective practice habits.  The best way to ensure you get more birdies or lower scores on average during your round is being extremely efficient with shots under 100m.  These shots are especially important when trying to obtain a birdie on a short par 4 or a par 5.  Usually you will have two or three chances during your round where you will have an opportunity to capitalise on a Par 4 or a Par 5 or indeed on some short courses, Par 3’s also. The secret to being extremely proficient is dedicating once or twice a week for about an hour on different distances under 100m.  The best way of doing this is placing witches hats or cones at for eg. 100m, 90, 80, 70m.  Once you get better at these distances you will find you will be saving par a lot more also and it will make you a more patient and confident golfer as you wont be afraid of playing safe on some holes as you know you will be able to get ‘up and down’ more frequently. The technique for this type of shot is relatively simple. Firstly put your feet closer together and aim your body a little left of target.  The next step is identifying how far to take the club back for a 50m shot.  Everyone will be different but using my example, I take the club back just past hip height but I ensure that I follow through just past hip height also.    The key to remember is you should match the backswing length with the follow through length. The other important thing to note is rhythm, tension and speed.  No matter how far you take the club back you should always have the same rhythm, tension and speed.  Once you have mastered the 50m shot and you want to master the 25m shot, all you will need to do is half the backswing length and ensure you follow through just as far on the way through.  This concept becomes true for all distances.  The last step to ensure you obtain more birdies is ensuring you convert with your putting. You will find that once you get better within 100m, that most of your putts will be around the 15 foot range.  Therefore you will need to practice from this range and dedicate 1 to 2 hours a week. If you follow this method of practice you are guaranteed to add more birdies and score better consistently on a round to round basis.

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