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How To Break Par

First of all to break par consistently, you firstly need to make golf a very high priority in your life. You need to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours 6 days a week working on your game. You should be playing competition golf also twice a week with an additional 9 holes socially where you work on your game on the course. You should also be aiming to have a lesson once a week or every fortnight to ensure the game stays very consistent.

Again when scoring consistently it's about not consuming unforced errors. There is a Tiger 5 Rule on scoring as a very good template to what you should be aiming for. The Tiger 5 rule includes: No double bogeys, No 3 putts, No bogeys from 135m in, No double chips and no bogeys on Par 5's. These don't seem so difficult for elite players but you would be very surprised how easy you can fall into one of these traps. Also to avoid these mistakes consistently means being acutely aware of how you're approaching each hole and each shot in terms of where to position your ball off the tee to where you hit the ball onto the green.

You should aim to hit at least 60% of balls on the fairway and hitting 12 greens. This will give you the best opportunity to have many birdie looks during the round. If you're quite consistent in these two areas and have a very sound knowledge of your technique so you can keep your ball away from trouble, it will then largely come down to how good you are from 100m and in.

You need to know exactly how to hit for eg. your 95m shot, 65m or indeed a 37m shot. You need to be able to hit these shots within a 10 feet radius consistently. Hitting shots close from that 100m distance will be most prevalent on Par 5's and short Par 4's. These are where you need to capitalise. Lastly when hitting he ball within 10 feet, you must hole the putt. You need to put in at least 45 mins, 5 days a week holing putts from this range. It needs to become your 'bread and butter'.

If you need any further help in breaking Par, book in for a lesson and we'll work out some solid strategies!

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