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How To Cure The Overswing

A big problem area in golf is the overswing. The most common cause of the overswing is the collapsing of the arms at the top of the backswing. When the arms collapse it causes lack of power and consistency at impact. This is because the left arm tends to be quite bent through impact as what happens through impact is often the direct result of what happened at the top of the backswing.

What we're trying to create is an 'L' shape at the top of the backswing where the left arm is reasonably straight and the wrists are hinged to 90 degrees. The best way to cure the overswing is to grip the club with a reverse grip. This means placing the right hand on top of the grip with the left hand on the bottom. The idea then is to swing back normally and feel the trail arm extend at the top of the swing. This will enable the swing to have quite a short and compact swing.

What this drill will also do is ensure you turn effectively. With the left hand beneath the right on the club it starts to push the left shoulder under the chin whilst making the body turn at the same time. Once practiced grab a club and feel the same feelings from the drill. Remember also that you still need to hinge the wrists gradually through the backswing.

A big trend on tour is definitely the shorter swing as utilized by Jon Rahm and Tony Finau. It is easier for the swing to stay more compact and under control when the swing is shorter and connected to the body. It inevitably leads to more distance and consistency.

If you'd like any further help in eliminating the overswing just let me know and we'll book you in for a session.

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