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How To Eliminate The Toe Strike

The 'toe' strike is not as common as the 'heel' strike but this contact can still cause problems. 'Toe' strikes can cause the shot to go left or right depending on swing path and clubface at impact. The most common cause of the 'toe' strike is from the slice. This is because a classic slice is where the hands push away from the body at the top of the downswing and then move closer to the body through impact.

If the path however is quite neutral and you still tend to hit the 'toe' then a drill called 'Jump the Fence' is the best way neutralize contact. The first thing you do is put an alignment stick on the ground out in front of you facing the target. The idea then is to start the club on the ground and make a swing. You would then contact the ground on the other side of the alignment stick.

The idea is having the feeling of the club moving away from you through impact. Once you've practiced this you can then test out your strike by placing 'face' tape on the club face and seeing the difference. If it hasn't moved to the middle just keep practicing the sensation until you see it consistently out of the centre.

As a general guide to consistent ball striking, the distance your hands are away from the body (handspan) at set-up should match the distance they are at impact. Ofcourse this is largely determined by how well you're maintaining spine angle through the ball.

If you'd like any further help in improving your ball striking, just book in for a session.

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