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How To Find The Right Coach?

Having the right coach is a crucial element when looking to reach your potential. The right coach can be different from player to player. It largely comes down to personality matching, belief in the coach's technical ability and most importantly the way the coach communicates and executes the aspect in which they want the student to focus on.

The student first of all needs to know that the coach is aware of their goals and how much they intend to work on their game. This is very important for the coach so that they don't give a student something too technical or complicated especially if they are not someone who is able to practice what is required. Instead this coach needs to tailor a swing change that is relatively simple to adopt but may take time for the improvements to take effect.

Athletic ability is also something the coach needs to be mindful of. They need to listen to the student and make sure they fully understand what they are physically capable of. A good coach also needs to be able to tell the truth to the student in an empathetic manner regarding expectations versus reality. This is where the coach should educate the student on goal setting especially during the Evaluation period. Giving examples of other students in similar positions to their development can help the client relate and thus avoiding the emotions of overwhelm or disappointment.

Lastly the right coach should be someone who motivates and inspires you to get better. This can be through their own practice and continual desire to get better at their own game.

If you'd like to book in for an Evaluation to see if I am the right fit for you just contact me for a lesson.

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