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How To Fix The Chicken Wing!

The 'chicken wing' can often appear in swings causing 'top' shots and 'hook' shots. Put simply a 'chicken wing' is when through impact the left elbow tends to bend upward causing the clubface to lack rotation through the ball. This type of habit can also start to cause injury as there will be too much strain in the left arm.

The best exercise to start to eliminate the 'chicken wing' is by gripping the club in the left hand while your right hand holds your left bicep. Practice rotating your left arm through impact whilst the left arm stays quite close to the body This will start giving you the sensation of rotating the club through impact as well allowing the left arm to fold up.

The major reasons why the 'chicken wing' seeps into your swing to begin with is firstly having a cricketing background and the other is just a misinformed way of how the clubface rotates through the golf swing. A lot of people who have the 'chicken wing' often have a mindset of taking the club straight back and through with no clubface rotation. This lack of rotation causes the clubface to go into a closed position throughout the swing causing 'low hooks'.

What we need to do also to start performing correct swings is practicing rotating the clubface on the backswing and rotating the clubface through impact. More specifically when the club reaches parallel to the ground on the backswing and follow through that the 'toe' of the club points to the sky. This will give you the correct rotation and force the left arm to turn.

If you need any further help in stopping the 'chicken wing' book in for a lesson.

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