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How To Hit A Driver

Learning how to hit a driver is perhaps the most popular request from students trying to elevate their game. We always state that the best approach is always to work on your technique with your short irons first so that your swing can then be transferred more seamlessly to your driver. This is because all swings are in fact the same. The only difference come through the change of set-up.

The set-up is the most important element to ensuring we make the right strike with the driver. We need to feel as though we are hitting slightly 'up' on the ball with the driver as the ball is teed up. This means we position the ball at the front of our stance roughly opposite our left heel for a right hander. We also widen our stance to create more balance. Lastly we ensure there is around 60 % of weight on our back foot. This is effectively done by adding more right shoulder tilt.

As long as we move onto our front foot like we do all other swings, our swing arc through impact will be one where the club is moving slightly 'up'. The only time the arc will not be slightly 'up' is if you change your should tilt at impact which is detrimental to driving. Just ensure that the tilt you have at address is the same that you have at impact.

Lastly just ensure the ball is teed up to a height where half the ball is above the top of the club. Into the wind you could tee it down lower and with the wind you could have the ball higher.

If you need any help regarding your Driver, please don't hesitate to contact me for an Evaluation.

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