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How To Hit A Hybrid

A hybrid is a club designed to help you with your longer shots. Most players including tour players have at least one hybrid in their bag to replace a 2 iron or even a 3 iron. Again the swing needed to hit this club is exactly the same as all other swings. During lessons in particular I will ensure the student has their 9 iron swing on point before using the hybrid as it becomes easier to transfer that swing over.

In terms of set-up I would position the ball further forward in the stance compared to the iron. This would mean roughly two ball widths forward of centre in the stance. I would also widen my stance a little more to account for the extra length of club. Ensure also your angles are correct like all other set-up positions by having a slight bump of your left hip so that it falls directly below the left shoulder. Ensure also the head is just behind the ball.

In terms of the swing just ensure a good shoulder turn by having the left shoulder pass under the chin with the hips turned to 45 degrees. Also on the follow through make sure 100% of weight is transferred onto the front foot with the body pointing at the target. Again using this club uses the same swing that is applied with every cub. The correct mindset to have over the ball when using this club is imagining you are hitting an 8 iron. Swing it with the same ease and tempo. This will ensure you can transfer your swing effortlessly from shorter cubs to longer clubs.

One other important note is ensuring the hybrid sits behind the ball at the loft it has been designed for. Sometimes I will ask students to have their hands further forward of the clubhead when setting up with an iron in particular a short iron. Allow all of the clubface to sit flat on the ground with a hybrid. The handle should sit naturally just ahead of the clubface.

The divots will tend to be a little shallower than with a shorter iron as the angle of attack into the ground won't be as steep. This is due to the length of the club and having the ball more forward in the stance at set-up.

If you'd like any further help when using a hybrid just send me a message and we can book in for a lesson.

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