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How To Improve Your Game Without Changing Your Swing

Improving your game without changing our swing will all come down to identifying exactly your strengths and weaknesses when you play. If for example you slice the ball, the first tip would be to always stand on the right side of the tee and aim left. If on that hole there is danger to the right, I would leave the driver in the bag and play an iron off the tee. The key will be to limit the 'blow-out' holes.

Of course there might be instances where you aim left to cater for your slice and the ball stays left. This is where you need to be strategic and only choose driver on those holes where the penalty of missing the fairway is not too drastic. For eg. if just trees and light rough when missing the fairway then the driver can still be fine.

Another strategy is to choose a longer club for each shot and grip down the club. The best way to have good rhythm is to swing smoothly therefore when choosing a 7 iron instead of an 8 iron, it can force you to swing slowly. A very good recommendation when choosing a longer club also is gripping down the club about an inch or so to ensure you hit the correct distance.

Another tip is investing in a range finder and knowing how far you hit each club. Take your time with club selection while assessing wind and slope elevation and aim to hit the middle to front part of the green. If you do miss the green practice using a hybrid or putter off the green instead of a SW except of course if you have a bunker to navigate. Therefore try the best you can if you do miss the green that you miss it in spots that don't have penalty areas to overcome between the you and the hole.

Follow these tips next time you're playing and you'll find you can improve your game quite quickly without changing your swing.

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