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How to Play From Side Hill Lies

Playing from uneven lies can be quite a challenge however once understanding the causes and effects that these lies can have on your ball flight, you can manage to navigate effectively around any golf course.  Firstly Uphill and Downhill lies wont necessarily impact the ball’s direction but it will impact the trajectory.  The key to playing from these two lies is ensuring you stand on the angle of the slope.  When playing from an Uphill lie, the ball will shoot off higher and thus decreasing your overall distance.  If you are a 7 iron distance out, the uphill lie will turn this club into an 8 iron (depending on the steepness of the slope).  Therefore if you are a 7 iron distance out, change your club into a 6 iron so that you can successfully adjust for the slope.  This is the same when confronted with a downhill slope.  If you are a 7 iron distance out, standing with the slope will actually turn your 7 iron into a 6 iron as the slope will encourage you to de-loft the club.  Therefore the same rule applies to an uphill slope however this time choose an 8 iron if you’re a 7 iron distance out.  When playing off both these slopes it may be an idea for you to reduce your swing to a three quarter swing so that you can stay in balance. When confronted with the ball above your feet, you’ll have to factor in the effect of direction once the ball is struck.  When the ball is above your feet, the swing will get a lot ‘flatter’ causing the ball to draw to the left.  Therefore aim to the right of the hole to allow for the ball turning left (How much right will depend on how much the ball is above your feet). When the ball is below your feet, the swing will tend to get a lot steeper causing the ball to fade to the right.  Therefore when confronted with this lie, aim a little left of the hole to allow for the ball turning to the right. If you follow these guidelines, you will successfully navigate off any surface.

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