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How To Play Soft Flighted Pitch Shots

The technique for Pitching and Chipping are very similar. The only difference between the two will be a slightly wider stance for pitching and longer overall swing. The set-up is very much identical where the ball would be in the middle of the stance with about 60% of weight on the front foot. The hands would also be just forward of the clubhead. Now for soft flighted shots I would aim to have the clubface slightly open along with having your feet slightly left.

Opening the face allows you to have a softer flight by adding more spin to the ball. It also allows you to use the bounce more effectively which will prevent 'digging'. The technique then is to ensure you stay on the left foot during the action while you turn your body back and through. You want to apply a little wrist hinge as well during the backswing.

The other big key for soft flighted pitch shots is releasing the club. The best way to describe this is after the clubface contacts the ball that the handle is pointing around your belt buckle. The shaft will still return back to it's original position from set-up but ensure the club head is releasing more to the sky after impact. Once you combine this with turning your body, you will feel the sensation of using the bounce effectively through impact and creating soft flighted shots with plenty of backspin.

Some pros also change their grip when attempting this shot. They will often weaken their grip so that they are able to open the face more on the backswing which will assist again in having the club head glide through the turf rather than 'digging'. and create plenty of spin. Of course when determining distances for your pitching just use a 'clock' system or body part references to know how far to swing the club back.

If you'd like any further help with pitching just book in for a lesson with David Waters Golf.

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