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How to use the Left Arm to Dictate the Swing

If you have ever been to one of my lessons, you may have heard me state that in order to swing effectively that you must rule the swing with the left arm.  I once discovered this when I in fact had a lesson when I was a junior training to be a good player.   My coach at the time basically said to me that I was using too much right hand. He then explained the causes of using too much right hand and even stating in a tongue and cheek way 'that the right hand was in fact the killer to the golf swing and that the worse thing that God ever created was giving us a right hand.'

I didnt really understand this at the time but as he got me to hit balls with just my left arm, I started to feel quite strong and an incredible sense of power and extension as I impacted the ball with the back of my left hand.  If you have ever tried to hit the ball with the left arm, you most likely would have been like me and topped the ball on your first few shots.  

But after some time with great balance and control, you would soon be able impact the ball with the left arm only.  I used to in fact practice for hours just using my left arm.  It was incredible how much distance you obtain even with just using your left arm.

When training your left arm, you don't necessarily have to hit balls with your left arm but you'll need to stick to a 5:1 ratio. Meaning swing with your left arm for five times then stepping over to the ball and committing to a swing.  

Its important though that when hitting balls when placing the right hand on the club that the swing is still ruled by the left arm.  The mental process I talk about is feeling as though the right hand is a 'passenger' being ruled by the left arm.

Once you have mastered the left arm movement you will strike the ball very solidly as well obtain more distance.  If you are having trouble striking the ball consistently, you can take a video of your swing as it goes through impact.  If you notice the left arm breaking down causing a flipping of the wrists or a break with the left arm, it will often mean the right hand has taken over.

 After take a video of your left arm swinging through impact and see the difference .  You will find that without the right hand, the left arm naturally performs its function.

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