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John Rahm's Championship Mentality

This year's Masters was incredibly interesting as you had the form player on the P.G.A Tour up against the form player on the LIV Tour. Brooks Koepka just looked like a machine who was just getting up to the ball with no thought and executing his shot. This is very intimidating playing against as you can feel that this person is just unaffected by the pressure of his surroundings.

Brooks led by quite a margin after the 2nd round but you could just see Rahm coming with that relentless attitude. Even when he finished off his 2nd round in the windy, rainy conditions, he was still fighting for every inch and didn't let the situation overcome him.

When during the third round while they were paired together, there was so many times that Rahm would get in trouble and Koepka would have the upper hand, but Rahm just wouldn't give up. Books would be 3 shots in front on occasion and Rahm time and time again wouldn't go away, holing crucial 8 to 10 foot putts when needed.

Rahm's tenacity was just extraordinary and like a Bulldog wouldn't go away. He stayed in the game for long enough until eventually Koepka started making some little mistakes. Rahm didnt do anything special but just ensured that he stuck to the game plan firing at the middle of greens, particularly on the back nine.

Rahm's mental side just eventually wore down Koepka. If it have of been anyone else, Im unsure if they would have been able to catch Koepka as he was on quite a run. Rahm had the winning mentality and was not going to be denied.

It is such a great lesson in golf and in life that even when the chips are down that if believe in yourself no matter what the situation and the result, you could snatch victory. That is the true heart of the champion that they cannot control the outcome but they will not bow down until the final putt has dropped.

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