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Key Moments In Your Round!

Watching Xander Schauffele win the P.G.A was a true example of someone who was going to do whatever it took to win on that last nerve-racking day. He had been in contention many times in majors but finally showed the resolve required to fend off the amazing golfers around him. He shared his quote to himself after the round which was to 'go out and earn the victory'. This is a very interesting insight into perhaps previous tournaments where he might have expected to win at some point just by being in contention, however this time it seemed like his mindset was to do whatever it took to win.

I could particularly see this resolve play out when he was on the 6th hole. He hit an approach shot to the right followed by a chip that wasn't up to his usual standard that left him around 12 foot to the hole. You could tell this was a pivotal moment as if he had missed this putt, it could have spiraled him down a path of 'here we go again'. However he focused intensely and stuck to his routine and made the putt. He then went on to birdie two of the three holes on the front nine.

There was another moment also on the Par 5 10th in which he made a simple bogey. However he didn't let that bother him and proceeded to birdie the next two holes. The belief and resolve at this point would have been building within himself that this day was going to be the day. The last moment was obviously the last hole where he required birdie to win. This is no easy feat even though they would expect to birdie this hole on any other day. He had chipped up to around 10 feet to give himself a chance to win the tournament. Again he was able to knuckle down and make the putt of his life. He stated after that he was not going to go to a playoff with Bryson so he said he must make this putt. This definitive mindset I believe was the real difference to him winning on this last day.

The biggest takeaway from this round is that there will be moments in the round that can get away from you. Try and give the same amount of effort no matter what number you may score on the hole and you will often find that over time you will limit the big scores and start to reach your desired golfing goals. Doing the same amount of effort can come down to being consistent in your positive talk or maintaining your pre-shot routine no matter what the circumstance.

If you'd like any further help in managing yourself on the golf course just book in for a session with myself at David Waters Golf.

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