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Looking At The Back Of The Ball Is Key

One of the biggest problem areas which all golfers go through at some stage of their development is the movement of the head. Most amateurs move their head too far to the right on the backswing and either leave their head back or lunge forward on the downswing. Both result in errant shots typically 'fat' or 'top' shots.

The best position for the head to be in is very much in the same position and level from the beginning of the swing right up until impact. After the ball is hit the head can then move forward. As discussed in previous posts the best way to work on the head position is doing swings in front of the mirror. However if this is not possible and you're about to hit balls at the range or on the course, a great drill is just keep your eyes on the back of the ball right up until the ball is hit. Doing this typically stabilizes your head over time. You can also keep following the ball after impact as it will smoothly bring your weight forward onto your front foot.

Keeping your eyes on the back of the ball also helps you swing more from the inside on the downswing rather than too steep. When the head stays behind the ball, your swing tends to get more rounded helping you to create 'draws'. Looking at the back of the ball also can help your driving performance. The biggest culprit for mis-hit drives is when the head lunges forward causing you to hit down on the ball like an iron. This causes low shots and 'sky' shots as you're attacking too steeply. Keeping the eyes on the back will ensure you hit up on the ball and thus connecting the ball on the correct part of the clubface.

It is important to note that when you do keep your eyes on the back to still move your weight on the front foot on the downswing.

If you would like any further help or other drills to help with your head just contact myself for a video evaluation.

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