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Opening The Clubface Greatly Helps Chipping

The number one starting point to be a consistent chipper as mentioned previously is firstly having a consistent neutral swing path. The next element is making sure the clubface is hitting the right position on the backswing. Often times when the path is neutral but the clubface tends to dig a little too much, it will be that the clubface is too closed on the backswing. When the clubface is closed, the effect is that the loft typically decreases which ultimately places too much emphasis on the leading edge.

With all successful chippers of the ball, the goal is to limit the 'mis-hit'. The way we do this is, is to ensure the bounce of the club can be used more effectively. Ensuring the clubface is opening on the backswing will ensure the bounce is utilised effectively through impact. Therefore when initiating your backswing, ensure the path is neutral and the 'toe' of the club is starting to point to the sky.

Often times you may even see a Tour Player change his grip to quite a weak one as this grip gives the feeling of the clubface rotating. Another really good tip is to have your wedges checked by a pro. You may have wedges that have too little bounce or maybe too much bounce on the club. Most players coming away from a fit usually require more bounce as most people have the issue of the club digging.

The last point is that it's not as important to rotate the clubface for a normal chip and run that's positioned more back in the stance however when playing a higher shot that requires more spin, the face should definitely start to rotate,

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