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Should I Watch Golf Tutorials??

Watching golf tutorials can be very seductive, however you just need to be careful when inserting a new swing move or drill into your game. When I was younger I would often fall into he same trap by seeing an interesting tip in a magazine on how to for 'Fix Your Slice' for example. I would then go out and hit balls on the range and sometimes it would really make a difference and even 'stop that slice'. However the more I did this drill, over time it didn't seem to stick and I would usually incur a new problem which may even lead to 'over-hooking'.

The reason why we gravitate to a new problem or make the current problem worse is that even if you somehow stumbled on a drill that was somewhat right, your knowledge in how to insert that new swing move correctly wouldn't have been experienced enough to make the effective change It is though very alluring seeing new tips come up constantly in our feed, however you really are best to ignore these as much as possible.

When I decided to take my game to another level, I finally realised that instead of myself trying to find the answers, I enlisted the services of a coach. I stopped reading magazines and solely focused on what the coach was telling me to do. This was actually a great stress relief as instead of focusing on so many things at once, I instead only had one to two things to focus on which directly related to me improving the fastest way possible.

Now once my knowledge started to increase to knowing exactly why the coach was telling me to do certain things, I then started to look at Tour Players' swings to see if they too were moving in the same way. They of course were which gave me even more confidence that I was doing the right action. This is what you can do also once you are really established in knowing how to fix your swing, look for other pros doing the same things. Watching Tour Players Swings and seeing their commonalities is the best way to educate yourself rather than trying a swing tip you see online.

If you'd like help with your swing just contact myself at David Waters Golf located at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre.

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