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Struggling To Maintain Spine Angle??

The challenge in maintaining spine angle is one of the biggest problem areas of golfers. Even elite golfers can have signs of not being able to maintain posture through to impact. The most common move for golfers on the downswing is the movement of the hips toward the ball, causing the spine to straighten otherwise known as early extension. When golfers early extend, they not only tend to lose power through not being able to return the club back on the same angle but also direction as the hands tend to take over and flip the clubface left.

One of the best ways to start maintaining posture is setting yourself into a position at impact first before taking the club back. This means pushing your glutes back, while having your hips turned left with around 90-100% of weight on the front foot. Try and also pre-set your shoulders square and your hands pushed forward of the clubface at impact. Once you can feel this position, immediately start the backswing and try the best you can to return back to impact the same way.

I would do this drill mostly with your short clubs and perform half swings. Once you perform a number of reps starting in this position, you will start to feel how the body rotates and stabilises through the hitting area. When doing this correctly, you will start to feel more grounded through the ball whilst your hips are turning. You will also start to compress the ball as the more you maintain posture and clear your hips, the more the hands stay forward delivering a more downward strike.

As mentioned in previous posts, the most important element when implementing any new swing move is ensuring you're heading toward your desired result. The best method along with getting lessons, is tracking your swing on camera. Film your swing before implementing the drill and then once you start installing this new feel, film your swing again and see whether you're achieving your desired result. I always find the behind view is the best way to see whether you have improved. Key signs of improvement is when you can start to see the left glute at impact as well the posture being maintained into the strike.

If you'd like any further help in maintaining posture just contact myself at David Waters Golf.

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