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The Magic Of A Half Swing

When attending lessons often times we will ask the student to perform half swings. The reason we do this is that the shorter we can make the swing, the easier it is to control what's happening. Most of the time bad swing patterns happen at the top of the backswing. If we can reduce the length, we can substantially eliminate a lot of unnecessary movements.

The half swing is really defined as the point just after your hip level. When practicing half swings just have a couple of key swing thoughts. One will be to keep the head relatively in the same position as you turn your body, the other is having gentle wrist hinge. When following through just make sure that you transfer all of your weight onto the front foot.

These half swings are perfect for someone who has too much movement on the backswing. If you find that you're still not getting the results, you can even move to a quarter swing. We are not focused on achieving distance while doing this. We are solely focused on developing better balance which will result in improved ball striking.

There are quite a few players these days that have short swings such as Jon Rahm and Tony Finau. They are two of some of the longest hitters in the world. The reason why they can still achieve such great length is that they can keep their arms in front of their body more successfully with a shorter swing resulting in greater efficiency. You will also find this too that at the beginning when doing half swings, that you might think that your length will drop. However as you keep practicing, you will find that your length will start to increase more than before because your swing is becoming more efficient.

If you'd like any further details whether a half swing is right for you, just let me know and we'll book you in for an Evaluation.

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