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Two Ball Worst Ball Is Great For Competition Prep

When preparing for competitions, playing Two Ball Worst Ball is perfect to see how your game is shaping up. Two Ball Worst Ball is playing two balls for each shot but you must take the worst ball each time. This game is played by yourself and provides the necessary pressure to simulate what competition will be like.

The biggest part about preparing for competitions is dedicating a portion of your practice time that represents exactly how you will feel and react under pressure. Ideally if we can face adversity during practice and then find a way out through strategy or technique, the more we can use this experience when under competition demands.

One important skill that you will start to learn when doing this format is the ability to not get too high or low when executing a shot. Rather you will get very good at staying in the present. If you are able to shoot a reasonable score in this format, you will gain the necessary confidence to be able to perform well under tournament conditions.

The secret to getting a good score is to make sure that you commit to a full pre-shot routine for every shot. Full pre-shot routine includes your alignment, the amount of time over the ball and perhaps one to two swing thoughts.

If you'd like any further ideas about how to simulate competition, just let me know and we'll book in for a lesson.

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