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Using A Towel To Improve Striking

What you will see with most experienced golfers is that that they will take a little practice swing before their shot. This practice swing doesn't have to be a full swing but just a relaxed motion where at impact, you ensure you skim the grass. Taking this one step further is ensuring when you skim the grass that you impact slightly ahead of where you started. The reason being is that a perfect shot in golf is where the golf ball is hit first followed by the grass.

This means you can invariably take as much grass as you like, as long as you take the ball first. That's why at golf lessons, my emphasis is always about not having perfect contact with the grass but more hitting in front of where you originally started. The biggest culprits of hitting too far behind the ball is lack of wrist hinge retention and insufficient weight transfer.

During my lessons when working on impact, you will often see me use a 'lie board' or a towel. I would place the towel about a handspan behind the ball and have you practice hitting in front of the towel during impact. If you hit the towel, it means you are entering too early. Hitting in front of the towel means you're holding your wrist angles effectively and transferring your weight appropriately through the ball.

I would recommend this drill only with short clubs including your wedges and irons up to an 8 iron.

If you need help with your impact just let me know and we'll book in for a golf lesson.

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