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Wet Into The Grain Chip Shots!! How??

Having this lie can be quite challenging at the start. First of all depending on how far away you are from the green, you could easily putt off this lie or use a hybrid. If however you have to go over a bunker or you need to land over a slope, then being able to play these shots successfully can be very beneficial. The main aspect of this chip is all in the set-up.

I want to create a set-up that limits my bad shots in case I'm not perfect with the strike. The first step is I choose a 52 or 56 degree wedge (depending on the trajectory required) with ideally around a 10-12 degree of bounce. The more I am able to use the bounce in this shot, the less the club will dig. Therefore I set up to this shot with the clubface open, along with my feet aiming more left. In addition, to help the club slide through the grass even more, is that I position the ball on the toe of the club.

With these set-up alterations, I have already set myself up for the club to have less friction through the grass. The last step is I ensure I'm opening the clubface more during the backswing in order to use even more bounce during the strike. In essence feeling as though the toe of the club is going to point more to the sky when the club reaches parallel to the ground. By opening the clubface more, the bounce will naturally collide more into the ground versus if you keep the clubface closed, the leading edge starts to interact too much with the ground causing digging.

After I have adjusted my set-up and rotated the clubface, I just focus on turning my body through and committing to the shot. I will often make some fairly aggressive practice swings ensuring I follow through, then approach the shot straight away trying to replicate that same feeling. I would firstly not care too much about trying to get it close, just committing to your follow through. Once you are more confident, you can then work on speed control.

If you'd like any further help with your chipping just contact myself at David Waters Golf.

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