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What Are The Signs Of Slicing??

This can seem obvious when seeing the ball turn to the right but what indicators does the body have when executing a slice. I often at the beginning of my Coaching Clinics, talk about how to successfully finish your golf swing to give you the best success of hitting a good shot. When I perform this drill I focus solely on how the body should move through the swing. I will always talk about ensuring all the weight finishes on the front foot along with the body including your chest, hips and back foot pointing at the target.

Within the golf swing, it can often be easier to think about how you would like the swing to finish rather than every mechanical move through the ball. If we can feel where we would like the body to finish, the technique can often fall into place by itself. Now it's also important to know where the body is likely going to finish with a slice or even a hook. The indicators of a slice will be the chest will tend to point left of the target as well the hips and back foot pointing to the right.

The reason for this as mentioned in previous posts, is that a slice is typically caused by being too upper half dominant. This is mainly due to the natural feeling of wanting to hit the ball with the hands rather than using the body, in particular the lower half. Therefore on the downswing the chest starts to over rotate to the left leaving the lower half behind which points to the right. When you do notice this position at the end of your swing, the first step is to ensure that the upper half and lower half are working more together through impact.

This means start committing to half swings on the backswing and practice pointing the chest, hips and back foot at the target at around the same time whilst moving your weight onto the front foot. This may feel awkward at first but once you get used to it, you will start feeling the lower half be more engaged and hence will see more power and straighter ball flights. Now this might not at first totally get rid of your slice but what it will do is start the ball rolling and over time start to affect the swing path and clubface to now respond in the right manner through the ball.

If you'd like any further help in fixing your slice, I'm holding a Free Slice Seminar this coming Monday the 13th at Emerald Lakes Coaching Centre. Just send an email to to book!

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