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Why Jim Furyk's Swing Worked??

Jim Furyk is very well known as the guy with the funky swing. However his scoring ability and consistency throughout the years was incredible. He is also the first golfer in PGA Tour history to shoot a 58. The biggest question is how was he able to replicate his swing so consistently even in the most intense situations?

The first part of this when you dive in is that Jim Furyk's swing is really unique to him. He has a certain body type and flexibility and strength that enables him to put his body in positions that most normal people can't. In terms of his set-up, it's pretty standard except for his hands being very close to the body.

His swing did change a little from the beginning of his tour days. He originally started his swing in his backswing with an inside path followed by a steep top position. As he progressed on the tour he then started to follow the traditional backswing whereby his hands would be in line with the clubface when the club reached parallel to the ground. He still had a steep top position but the downswing move was where he was very similar to any other elite player.

He started the downswing by flattening out his path. A big indicator to see whether the path is in the right spot is seeing the shaft just above the right elbow as the club starts it's descent. The reason his swing did look funky was the way he flattened his path was more excessive than normal as his path on the backswing was so steep. This is also very similar to the move Matt Wolfe does in his swing.

The extremely athletic move that Jim does is during the impact area. He has one of the best rotations through the ball that I have seen. He is able to maintain spine angle brilliantly as he clears his hips right out of the way. Not many are able to clear their hips to this extent but it is the key for him being so consistent with his ball striking.

In summary as mentioned in previous articles he does the two most important elements that you see all great players do. One is the first position where the club head and the hands form a straight line at the first position and the other at impact where the hips have cleared and the hands in front of the clubface at impact.

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