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80% Of Bad Shots Are From The Backfoot!

This is a quote often stated by the great Gary Player. It is very much a true statement particularly those who are quite new to the game. The hardest part about golf when you first start is that our instincts convince us that the only way to get the ball in the air is by lifting the ball which invariably causes us to stay on the backfoot. Staying on the backfoot causes 'topping', 'thinning' and often shots going low left.

If you've ever been to one of my classes or for a private lesson, you will often hear me say that to condition your body to have weight on the front foot, try and master your finish position. When you're first commencing golf it's not even important whether the ball goes up or straight, but that you hold yourself in that finish position each time for around 2-3 seconds.

The perfect finish position involves finishing with 100% of weight on the front foot (left foot for right handers and right for left handers) and having your hips, chest and back foot facing the target. With the body aiming at the target, it will give you every opportunity for the ball to go straight as often where the body finishes, is where the arms tend to extend to.

In addition to this, I always mention that when you are following through, try and take some grass at impact. This will ensure that you're also hitting down on the ball which in fact causes the ball to go up. What many people do is that along with staying on the backfoot, the club tends to not hit the ground at impact. This causes 'flipping' of the wrists which leads to 'topping' as the club is hitting too high on the ball.

The great thing is everyone can have a tour level follow through once practiced diligently. The more your practice having a balanced follow through, the more you will veer away from staying on the backfoot.

If you have any questions about trying to move more onto the front foot, just ask a question at David Waters Golf.

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