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Breaking 100 Series: Adam has a breakthrough!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Adam had an eye opening experience during the lesson as he is now starting to understand the concept of swinging from the inside. This is what happens during lessons as often students will come in for a lesson and start hitting it far better then when they came in but with not a deep understanding yet of how the pieces are put together.

This is why I will often say that you will start hitting it very well when during the lesson but then you may get a dip in performance after a week or so and wonder why it hasn't remained the same. You might think you're doing the same thing but in reality something has changed. This experience can happen to all range of skilled golfers. This is due to there being a gap of knowledge on not only what has changed but also how the overall swing functions.

When I was trying to become a very good golfer and even had my handicap down to 3, I still wondered why my swing and the contact with the ball would change after a week or so after seeing my coach. However the more I put myself on video, along with becoming very knowledgeable about the swing and more importantly my own swing, the consistency started to become reliable.

It does though take a lot of lessons, practice and time to become a master of your own swing. You are inevitably striving toward a 'P.H.D' in golf swing reactions. Once you know what causes what, you can then fix yourself quicker and quicker. There is a famous phone call that Tiger made to his coach in the year 2000 when he had his incredible streak of tournament wins. He said 'finally feel matches real'. This means that what he is trying to work on is finally matching up what is actually happening in his swing. Often times we think we are changing our swing path or we've made a massive difference but then it gets put on video and can be massively different. Our goal is to match your 'feel with real'.

Bringing it back to Adam's journey, Adam is feeling the club coming from the inside on the downswing and by the below photo, is also in reality doing the same. The key to seeing the club coming down from the inside is that the shaft should be coming down on the right forearm. This will ensure he is in a great position to swing the club more on a 7-1 swing path causing a 'draw'. It also matches up with another unbelievable golfer in Tiger Woods. This position is common for all good players and the goal for every coach to have his student adopt.

Adam had the best practice session of his life as he then ventured into longer clubs and did the same path. Adam has always been a slicer and felt he was destined to be this way but with understanding and application, Adam is now hitting little draws as well hitting it further than he ever has!!

Now Adam could drift back after this lesson but his body and mind now know that it is possible to get that swing back in the right position. I will be there every step to ensure Adam continually understands these concepts and body movements so he can quickly snap himself back to where he was. The more he gets lessons and practices, the quicker he will be able to snap himself back and therefore obtain great consistency!!

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