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Create The Triangle When Putting!!

The biggest aspect with Putting is to create a structure with your arms to ensure the Putter stays as stable as possible. I often talk about creating a triangle which simply means bending your elbows out and imagining the shoulder line forms the base of the triangle and the arms form the point of the triangle. All we need to do then is to maintain the triangle through the stroke.

To ensure the triangle doesn't break down we should ensure the wrists stay just ahead of the clubface and remain fixed in this position throughout the stroke. We want to ensure the stroke is dominated by the movement of the shoulders and not the overuse of the wrists. I will often say that the angle of the left wrist remains the same from setup to after impact.

Lastly when initiating the stroke just ensure it's controlled through the rocking of the shoulders. Now to improve your putting statistics make the majority of your practice from within 2 metres. If you spend around 80 % of your practice within this distance, you will build up a very good base to ensure you hole the putts that make a big difference in your game. Holing putts from this distance regularly will ensure that even on bad striking days, you keep your putting average as low as possible.

Also when working on your putting stroke, try as much as you can to have consistent tempo. This just means that for any length putt try and have the grip pressure low (approximately a 3 out of 10 in tension) and the speed of the stroke the same. If you then can have the same length backswing with the follow through, you will create a stroke that lasts especially in pressure situations.

If you'd like any further help in developing a consistent Putting Stroke just contact David Waters Golf to organise a consultation.

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