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Expectations Of Golf Improvement

We have all been there when we have felt that we've finally broken through in our golf swing. While we can have good success after this moment, it will often not last forever. This is perhaps the biggest mystery of the game because one week we can feel like our swing is in a perfect spot but then in future weeks, it can all come crashing down. Why is this the case?

There can be a multitude of reasons but to put it simply, it just means you don't have a full understanding yet of how to maintain your swing. You could actually know what the issue is but maybe your body has not been conditioned enough yet to adopt these movements.

The best way to address improving in golf is understanding that it's like investing in a good stock. As long as you are getting lessons, practicing and playing, you will improve over time even though sometimes you will throw some bad games in, just like the pattern of a good stock. The biggest mistake you can make when trying to improve in golf is thinking that it would be a constant upward trajectory.

You may have heard this term that golf is a game of misses. When interviewing the winner at the end of a tournament, they will often say that their misses were better than their competitors rather than saying they just outplayed everyone.

Even to this day I accept in this game that there will always be hurdles but with accumulated and updated knowledge of your swing, you can always resolve these problems. Sometimes you may not be able to resolve them in the game but with continued practice and instruction, you can learn much more effectively for your next game.

Therefore do as much as you can to improve in golf without expectation of immediate improvement. Rather view golf improvement as a continued joyful journey than trying to attain instant gratification.

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