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Golf Is All About 45 Degrees!!

I actually didnt realise this for a long time but after watching an instructional video from legendary coach Pete Cowan many years ago, it finally had dawned on me. This angle of 45 degrees all starts from how the clubs are made. When you place a club down ready to hit a ball, you will notice that it's correct position is roughly 45 degrees. You will feel this to be true because in order for the lie angle to sit correctly, the shaft will need to be angled in this position.

Therefore since the shaft is set at around 45 degrees, we then need to set our posture at 45 degrees. This position of the spine is very important as this will then greatly influence swing path. Now in terms of swing path, again the motion of the club will work on a 45 degree angle around the body. Therefore the path is working a little circular. On the downswing we also want to keep as close as we can on this 45 degree angle when approaching impact.

Now once you impact the ball, the path will then exit on a 45 degree angle to the left. Therefore the path again is working in a circular motion. Now when the path isn't in the right position, it can be due to incorrect spine angles at set-up. If you stand too tall, it can cause the path to be too upright and if you're too over the ball, it can cause the path to be too inside.

The last element which links back to 45 degrees is the grip. For the grip to be in a neutral position we talk about the lines between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands be pointed at the right shoulder. This again presents a 45 degree angle. This angle allows the clubface to rotate correctly throughout the swing.

If you have any questions about the swing please don't hesitate to ask. I'm available for lessons at Emerald Lakes Golf.

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