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Great Sequencing Drill

Hideki is one of the best players in the world and there’s no doubt his swing is quite distinct to the others.  In his swing, he pauses momentarily at the top before he starts his downswing.  This is in fact a brilliant move as it ensures he can feel how the downswing initiates.  During my lessons when I’m trying help my students work on sequencing, I’ll often ask them to pause at the top.  I will especially ask those students who have an ‘over the top’ move to perform this pause.  Pausing at the top enables you to set the downswing by shifting a little lateral with the left hip followed by a full rotation of the body driving forward.  When you start with the left hip, it prevents the upper half from going first which is invaluable as moving the upper half first causes slice shots and diminished power. Therefore when practicing next time, spend a little time on pausing momentarily at the top and feel the left hip bump forward an inch before moving the whole body through. If you have any further questions about applying this move, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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