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How Can I improve My Swing At Home??

One of the biggest bug bears for anyone trying to improve their game is finding the time to practice. I will often recommend along with coming to the range to improve one's game to also utilise the mirror at home for feedback of your technique. The mirror is fantastic as once you understand what you're trying to achieve in your swing, you can use the visual aid of the mirror to see if it looks how it feels.

I will often use the 2:1 ratio of looking in the mirror for two swings trying to incorporate the new swing move and one swing without the mirror feeling the new movements. If you can do 15 mins every two days it's an excellent way to build new feelings in the swing. In fact my best strides that I've achieved in my swing have always come from extensive work in the mirror. I often look back at my golf career and instead of wishing I hit more practice balls, I actually wished I did more practice swings in front of the mirror.

Another great exercise to use at home is using a chair to work on spine angle in the swing. Simply find a chair and rest it half way up your rear. (You may need to find a taller chair for this). Go into your golf posture and cross your arms on your chest. The goal with the chair is ensure that when you turn to the top of the backswing, ensure the right glute is touching the chair and at impact ensure the left glute is touching the chair. Obviously after impact you can straighten up and come off the chair.

Another good drill is put a golf club behind your shoulders and go into your golf posture. While looking at the mirror practice turning your left shoulder under your chin while not moving your head. Again though after you swing through you can allow your head and body to follow through completely onto your left foot.

Try these drills if you're not able to get to the range and you'll find significant improvement in your movement over time. If you'd like any further assistance in how to practice just contact me.

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