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How Does A Coach Know What To Fix First??

When a student comes in for a lesson often times it will begin with a thorough evaluation of the swing. This will be most likely be completed through golf video software or Trackman. Once the coach has completed the evaluation, a list of things to fix will often then be communicated to the student. The next stage for the coach is then assessing exactly what needs to be improved first.

When deciding what needs to be improved first, the coach is looking for what will have the greatest impact on the swing and also what the student is capable of changing. The change the coach has decided to embark on first will also have the greatest influence on the other areas of the swing need fixing. For example the coach might list the head moving down too much and the clubface being closed but if the grip is changed then these swing faults can be improved as a result.

The coach is looking for the simplest approach and the easiest method to improving the swing to hopefully have the student hit the ball well during the lesson. More importantly though is for the student to be able to replicate when practicing by oneself. It is sometimes though unavoidable to do something more complicated during the lesson even when knowing the student might struggle. This is where it needs to be really conveyed to the student about how the change will help them and that it is necessary to get them back on track.

As a student it's really important when having a lesson to really convey exactly what you've noticed in your game so that the coach can have a complete picture of what is happening for you under pressure. Paying close attention to your game will also give you great benefit when you're playing rounds of golf as you will get better at knowing exactly what is occurring in your game and more importantly how to fix it. This is the key to ultimately being a consistent golfer.

If you'd like to book for an Evaluation of your golf game just contact me for a lesson.

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