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How To Be A Wonderful Pitcher??

One of the most important areas of the game to improve your scoring are shots within 50m. The best way to become a really good pitcher is to learn how to be more shallow at impact. Most people set-up in a position that makes the angle of attack to the ball too steep. Therefore if they don't hit the ball perfectly, they either hit 'fat' shots or 'thin' shots. The typical set-up that creates this steep angle is when the ball is placed too far back in the stance, with the weight too much on the left foot and the hands too far forward.

What we have to do first is create a set-up position that will be conducive of creating a shallower angle of attack. This will involve utilising the bounce more instead of just the leading edge of the club. The first thing we should do is position the ball in the middle of the stance with only around 50-60 % of weight on the left foot. We also want to have the hands only just ahead of the clubface.

What we want to do now is try and have the 'butt' end of the club and the centre of the chest move at the same speed. To accomplish this you will often see Tour Players such as Jason Day and Patrick Reed using a towel underneath their arms when pitching. This is so the arms and the body stay nice and connected all throughout the shot.

What I typically do is incorporate a drill whereby I place my left hand on my right bicep and practice hitting shots turning my body whilst the hand stays on the right bicep the whole time. This ensures that the arms and the body move at the same pace. Once I have practiced this I then grip the club in two hands and feel the top part of my right arm staying close to the body all throughout the pitching action. This enables me to create beautiful flighted shots.

Ofcourse when performing this action, ensure you keep your weight on the left foot whilst turning your body back and through. As much as you can focus on the big muscles throughout the shot, rather than just your hands.

If you'd like any further help in pitching just let me know.

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