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How To Break 80!

To break 80 you firstly need to have sound technique for all elements of the game. In order to achieve this, it's important to have reasonably consistent golf lessons (Once every two weeks) and practice at least three times a week with a golf game added in, preferably in competition and maybe a social 9 holes as well. If you did all this consistently, you would no doubt break 80 at some point depending on what level you're starting at.

Once you have developed a sound technique, it is then important to eliminate the unforced errors from your game. This will include having no 3 putts and no double bogeys. Once your worst score becomes a bogey, you can then start to shoot in the 30's per 9 holes. Having your worst score as bogey is going to come down to proper warm-up before your round as well knowing through golf lessons what happens to your swing when it breaks down.

If it breaks down, it is important to know what caused it so you can bounce right back for your next shot. The better you become at knowing what causes your bad shots will also mean you can prevent a lot of bad shots that may crop up into your game. It is about being acutely sensitive of your swing which only comes from lessons, practice and competition experience.

Preventing bad holes will also come down to making right decisions such as punching out conservatively from a difficult position on the course versus going for a riskier play. To get better at getting out of trouble, you really need to practice how to hit different shots for eg. hook shots, slice shots and hitting them high or low. Once you learn how to hit these shots effectively, you will indeed make better decisions when faced with a predicament.

The other element to breaking 80 is when analysing an approach shot to the green. Take your time to first assess the wind and exactly the distance to the hole. Once you have determined this, make a decision whether you want to go at the hole or you want to aim left or right or indeed short of the hole so you can have an uphill putt.

The pre-shot routine is also very key. Try and walk in from behind the ball every time and make sure alignment is spot on. Try and take the same amount of time for each shot. This can be practiced on the Driving Range before your round so that your routine is well rehearsed.

Lastly making sure you try your best not to 3 putt. As mentioned in previous articles, I step out each one of my putts to have an idea of distance so that I can really zone in on the speed of the putt. Again before your round, I would really recommend spending at least 5-10 minutes counting out at least five steps to the hole and practicing distance control.

In summary it's about doing the little things right consistently so you're behaving more like a professional on the course.

If you would like to book in a golf lesson to find out more, please let me know.

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