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How To Consistently Shoot Under Par??

Of course shooting under par is no easy feet to begin with.  To get to a point to shoot under par firstly means making golf a very high priority in your life.  This usually means at some point you had a goal of going pro.  Once you committed to this goal, it would usually take anywhere from 5 -10 years with up to 2 to 3 games per week, weekly to fortnightly lessons and visiting the range around 4 to 5 times a week.  This understandably is not doable for everybody.

If you have decided to pursue this goal and you have shot your first under par round, it’s then a matter of being able to consistently put yourself in this position every time you go around.  Once you have developed a very sound technique for your iron play and driver, it will largely come down to your game from 100m and in.

You need to be very good with your proximity to the hole and aim to be within 10 feet for all shots under 100m.   I personally use a system as does Bryson Dechambeau and many other golf pros to decipher exactly how to hit each distance.  I personally use body parts as reference points to know how far I need to take the club back to hit each distance.  For eg.  I take the club back to hip height if I wanted to hit the ball 50m with my SW and shoulder height if I wanted to hit the ball 93m.  Bryson actually uses something similar however he uses a clockface reference.  For eg.  He would swing back to a 9 o’clock position (hip height) if he wanted to hit the ball 60m with a SW.

The other aspect of shooting under par is being able to get up and down from all situations around the green and ensuring you never leave the green with nor more than 2 putts.  You want to aim also to have a very high ratio of making putts under 10 feet.  This 10 feet range will be most of your birdie putt range on Par 5’s and short Par 4’s.  It will also be your par range if you do miss the green.

As long as you stay on top of your short game once you start shooting Under Par, you should always give yourself at least a chance to replicate this every time you tee it up.

If you’d like any further help with shooting lower scores just book in for a lesson.

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