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How To Deal With First Tee Nerves

All players no matter what skill level all encounter nerves when stepping up to the first tee. Ofcourse the more experienced the player and skill level will generally be more equipped in handling these emotions. However all players can gererate a mindset and practice routine to help reduce uneasy feelings on the first tee.

For those who have just started golf, it is important to remember that we've all been there and that onlookers will not judge you as everyone understands what it's like when first venturing onto the course. In fact most people are so concerned about their own game, that they don't concern themselves on how others are performing.

The biggest tip when preparing to go to the first tee is how you typically prepare for tournaments or competitions. If you have a game booked in for the weekend, try and get to the Drivng Range the day before and dedeicate half of your time on technique and the other half on competition prep. This means practicing walking in behind each shot as if you were on the golf course and feeling the emotions that you would feel on the first tee.

Also when walking in for every shot, a big key is taking the same amount of time each shot. Use a stopwatch if you want to get really precise. The other element is how you walk. Experiement if you feel walking briskly to your ball is a good strategy or walking slowly. Whichever you choose, the goal is to have you the most confident before you hit the ball.

If you have any questions about how to overcome your first tee nerves, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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